Saturday, August 28, 2010

Dell Beta Testing

Not many people are aware of it but Dell has a beta program where you get to test new hardware for them; whether it be a new gaming laptop, a desktop, or something else they are working on. The thing is you don't get to keep the item though. You must return it once you're done or I suspect you'll get sued or worse. Still, I don't know about you all but I don't mind testing new technology.  Also, keep in mind you're expected to actively beta test and participate in their forums, otherwise you're just wasting Dell's time and you'll likely get fired right away and never see another beta again. 

It's located here:


Keep in mind there is a lot of luck involved here. Essentially, you sign up and fill out your profile accordingly and then you wait. Eventually down the road you'll likely be contacted by Dell with a "opportunity to test [PRODUCT]". For me these "opportunity emails" started arriving within only a couple days of signing up. Once you accept the opportunity you've got to wait yet again to see if you're accepted. From what I've seen it's a lottery system from here on but I suspect if you prove yourself you'll get priority over new people. Lastly, Keep in mind once you sign up and are accepted you'll be bound by a Non-disclosure Agreement.

Good luck everyone. 

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